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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

If you would like to have your factory Panther Pink or Moulin Rouge Mopar featured here, click here for information.

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1970 Dodge Challenger SE

Car owned by Jonathan at XL Motors

This is a real project...probably more than its worth done but, it's #'s match fender tag build sheet, A.C., power windows, AM FM 8 track, Rally dash, Dual sport mirrors, luggage rack, 6 way seat, power disc brakes, power steering, wire wheel hub caps, body side moulding, bucket seat console salt and pepper interior with the miserly 318.

This car was a dealer demo originally.

Wanted: Factory FM3 Project Cars.

Must be factory FM3 Panther Pink or Moulin Rouge. Any restorable condition considered. Also looking for factory Petty Blue Mopars. Prefer 1970 Models. Send details with photos and price.

Please e-mail Jonathan at

R22 V5X Y05 26 EN1
M21 M31 M91 N85 P31
C26 C55 C62 G36 H51 L31
V1X A01 A05 A62 B51 C16
FM3 HRX9 000 312 116985
E44 D31 JH29 G0B 275713

END - End of Codes
26 - 26" Radiator
Y05 - Build for U.S.
V5X - Black Bodyside Moulding
R22 - AM/FM/8-Track Radio
P31 - Power Windows
N85 - Tachometer
M91 - Luggage Rack
M31 - Belt & Hood Mouldings
M21 - Roof Drip Trough Mouldings
L31 - Fender Mounted Turn Indicators
H51 - Air Conditioning
G36 - Dual Painted Sport Mirrors
C62 - 6-Way Seat Adjuster
C55 - Bucket Seats
C26 - Overhead Roof Console
C16 - Console
B51 - Power Disc Brakes
A62 - Rallye Instrument Cluster
A05 - Protection Group
A01 - Light Package
V1X - Black Full Vinyl Top
FM3 - Panther Pink Lower Body Paint
HRX9 - Black Leather Bucket Seats
000 - Upper Door Frame Paint (N/A on E-body)
312 - Scheduled Production Date, Thursday, March 12, 1970
116985 - Order Number
E44 - 318 2-bbl Engine
D31 - LD 904 Automatic Transmission
JH29 - Challenger SE 2-Door Sport Coupe
G - 318 2-bbl Engine
0 - 1970 Model Year
B - Assembly Plant - Hamtramck, Michigan
275713 - Sequence Number

Panther Pink Challenger

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