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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Plymouth Duster Pro Street

Dale Renner's Pro Street Duster. Dale has owned the car since 1986, when he was 16. The car had been repainted Limelight green. The car took two years to build. Here is the story of his car.

I bought the car right before I turned 16. The body of the car wasn't bad but mechanically it was terrible. It had the rocker arms on the wrong sides and UPSIDE down.The motor also had blown head gaskets, and the tranny had no 3rd gear. But I wanted it bad. It had a roll bar, dual exhaust and a cool ratchet shifter, at 16 does anything else matter? It took about 6 months to get it running and looking better, but it was well worth it.

The car progressively got more radical each winter. This was a project my Dad and I always did together, and always talked about backhalving it someday. Well Wife comes along and kids and house so the car sat for a little while. I got everything settled and started racing again until one day after coming home, my Dad tells me he went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling well and tell's us he has Cancer and was given 6 months to live. Unfortunately he only lasted 3 months before cancer took him at age 47.

So after I got his things in order I pretty much locked myself and my buddy in my garage and started backhalving the car as my Dad and I always talked about. The car was done as sort of a tribute to my Dad and therapy I guess for me. That sort of sums up my 17 year ownership of the car the shortest way I could.

I would also like to thank my wife Katherine because she supported me totally and understood my reason for the rebuild.

FM3 A88 C55 M25 R11 YO5
FM3 L6X9 TX9 730 350001
E44 D13 VL29 G0B 442637

EN2 - End of Codes
Y05 - Built for U.S.
R11 - Music Master AM Radio
M25 - Wide Sill Moulding
C55 - Bucket Seats
A88 - Interior Decor Group
FM3 - Moulin Rouge Upper Body Paint
FM3 - Moulin Rouge Lower Body Paint
L6X9 - Black Vinyl Bucket Seats
TX9 - Black Upper Door Frame Paint
730 - Scheduled Production Date - Thursday, July 30, 1970
350001 - Order Number
E44 - 318 2bbl Engine
D13 - 3-Speed Manual Transmission w/Floor Shift
VL29 - Duster 2-Door Sport Coupe
G - 318 2bbl Engine
0 - 1970 Model Year
B - Assembly Plant - Hamtramck, Michigan
442637 - Sequence Number

In Loving memory of my POP, Earl "The Duke" Renner 1951-1999

Chassis Frame: Vanishing Point Race Cars custom chromoly round tube

Front Suspension: Magnum force chromoly "K" frame, Aldan Eagle Coil over shocks and wilwood rack and pinion steering

Rear Suspension: Vanishing Point Race Cars 4-link with Hal coil over shocks

Rear Axle: 9-inch with Moser axles and 488 center section

Brakes: Wilwood 4-wheel disc

Wheels and Tires: Center line Warrior (15 x 4 inch front and 15 x 15 inch rear) and Mickey Thompson front runners and Hoosier 33 x 22.5 inch quick time pro
Engine and Transmission Type: Chrysler 1970

Block: 340, 13.5 to 1 compression

Camshaft: Mopar Performance, 598 lift 312 duration

Cylinder Heads: Dave Pennypacker- ported and polished with 208 intake and 202 exhaust valves

Induction: Mopar M1 intake with Holley 850CFM Carb

Ignition: MSD 6AL with MSD Billet Distributor

Exhaust: 4-inch Spin Tech by Gary Naughton

Transmission: Wooflite by Jeff"Woo" Wenhold with trans specialties 5500-stall conv

Other Items: Be-cool aluminum radiator with Meziere Billet water pump
Paint and Body Modifications: US Body Source six-pack hood, stretched rear quarters, filled-in gas cap and antenna

Paint: Original FM3 Panther Pink

Bodywork and Paint: Top Notch Body Worx
Interior Seats: Kirkey Drag Buckets and Custom rear seat

Upholstery: Custom Door panels with Black Tweed and leather inserts

Dash: Designed and made by owners

Gauges: Mopar Performance

Other Items: 12-point roll cage and Hurst shifter

Interior Work: by Jim Hartman Upholstery
Many special thanks to Jeff "Woo" Wenhold - we couldn't have done it with out you.
Darren Transue
Dave Pennypacker
Bill Peterson
Ken Meck
Dave Kulsicavage-Parts runner

Vanishing Point Race Cars: Jim Geese-Owner, Gary Naughton Don "Tin man" Carey

Top Notch Body Worx: Rich Mitman-Owner

Team Welder: Mike "Freyguy" Frey, Dan Pollack

Moulin Rouge Duster Panther Pink Duster

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Check out Dalton's custom car seat. That's some lucky kid.

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Car before restoration as found in 1986. Car had been repainted Lime Light green at some point.
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