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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Dodge Super Bee

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This car is now being restored. Click here for the restoration progress.

From Ebay

Item Number: 2438286162

Starting Bid: $10,000

Ending Bid: $10,100

Buy it Now: $15,000

Auction Ends: Oct-28-03 12:28:23 PST

Description from Ebay:

VIN: WM21N0E138586

Seller's Description:

This is an original 1970 Dodge Superbee Coupe (post), FM3 Panther Pink with a 383, 4-speed and Air Conditioning. 1 of 7 1970 Superbee Coupes in Panther Pink, this car is thought to be 1 of 1 with the 4-speed and A/C option (a very rare combination in '70 Mopars).

This is one of the rarest and most desirable MOPAR's outside of the Hemi, six-pack and factory race cars. High Impact Panther Pink color, Black Vinyl top, Bigblock power, 4-speed bench seat pistol grip shifter, factory hood pins, tinted glass, Ralley Dash, Power steering, Power disc brakes and A/C !

A complete and original car, the superbee has the original fender tag and all the correct body stampings, no buildsheet was found and has non-original 4-speed transmission. The engine VIN pad is blank, although the motor build date is correct as is the Block casting date, either a factory warranty or a factory assembly line no-stamp?

The Superbee was scheduled for a rotisserie restoration and was disassembled recently in preparation for having the body media blasted. Part of the disassembly was a detailed set of digital pictures documenting the car. Over 200 images are available on our website with full thumbnails for fast viewing.

The owners plans have changed so this project is now up for sale (or restoration in our shop - we are the present owners of the car). All the original components are included and we believe this car is 100% complete, but there may be 1 or 2 small items that are missing, but it looks to me like it is complete. Includes the hard to find items such as: Powerbulge Superbee hood, dual snorkel black wrinkle aircleaner, 1970 only valve covers, correct 4bbl carburetor, HP exhaust manifolds, underhood A/C lines (unique to '70 B-bodies), Bench style pistol grip shifter, Power disk brakes (master cylinder, rotors calipers etc. - all there!), 8.75" rear with 3:23 gears, HD leafs, all the interior parts - seats, belts, wiring harnesses, sockets, moldings etc.

This Superbee has been in dry storage for years with the carpet removed, so the floors, frame rails etc. are in remarkable condition, only the trunk floor was destroyed by water leaking into the trunk (years ago!), so the Dutchman panel, trunk floor, trunk floor extensions and lower quarters will need replacing. The passenger side may need a full quarter replacement due to a past repair attempt.

Fender Tag reads:

V6X Y16 26 END
J45 M21 M42 N41 R11 V1X
V1X A04 B51 G33 H51 J25
FM3 H2X9 TX9 331 252761
E63 D21 WM21 N0E xxxxxx

And decodes:
E83 383 - 4bbl HP
D21 - 4 Speed WM21 - Superbee Coupe
N - 383 4bbl
0 - 1970
E - Los Angelos assembly plant

FM3 - Panther Pink
H2 - Vinyl Bench
X9 - Black Interior
TX9 - Black upper door paint

331 - March 31, 1970 build date
252761 - SO Number
V1X - Vinyl Top Black

A04 - Radio Group
B51 - Power brakes
G33 - LH remote mirror
H51 - Air Conditioning
J25 - 3 speed wipers
J45 - Hood pins
M21 - Roof rail drip molding
M42 - Font End Molding
N41 - Dual Exhaust
R11 - AM Radio
V1X - Vinyl Top Black
V6X - Black "C" Stripe
Y16 - Sales Bank
26 - 26" Radiator
END - End of tag

Panther Pink Super Bee Superbee

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