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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Dodge Super Bee

Car owned by Jason Tillman of Ohio.

Jason's father bought this Super Bee in 1979 for $25 (Jason still has the receipt). He messed around with it for a while and then it sat outside until Jason became interested in it. When Jason turned 16, he and his father took it down to bare metal and repainted it. It was the last father and son project for him as his dad passed away in 1993.

Jason knew the previous three owners and the car was drag raced in 1976-78. It ran 13 seconds and was known as a car not to be messed with. It has everything it came with from the factory, the rear spoiler has always been white. Jason also has the original tires and wheels for the car. The Cragars have been on the car since the '70s. It has the original 383 engine and 4-speed transmission. He also has 4 broadcast sheets for the car.

The car is a part of his family and is well known around his area. The car was featured in the 1999 issue of Cars + Parts Collector Car Annual and was also the cover car.

N96 R11 V6W END
FM3 G33 J25 J45 J81 M21
FM3 H2X9 TX9 225 230894
E63 D21 WM21 N0G 196455

END - End Of Codes
V6W - White Longitudinal "C" Stripe
R11 - Music Master AM Radio
N96 - Fresh Air Hood
M21 - Roof Drip Trough Moulding
J81 - Rear Spoiler
J45 - Hood Pins
J25 - 3-Speed Wipers
G33 - Left Outside Remote Mirror
FM3 - Panther Pink Upper Body Paint
FM3 - Panther Pink Lower Body Paint
H2X9 - Black Vinyl Bench Seat
TX9 - Black Upper Door Frame Paint
225 - Scheduled Production Date - Wednesday, February 25, 1970
230894 - Order Number
E63 - 383 4-BBL Engine
D21 - Heavy Duty 4-Speed Manual Transmission
WM21 - Super Bee 2-Door Coupe
N - 383 4-BBL Engine
0 - 1970 Model Year
G - Assembly Plant - St. Louis, Missouri
196455 - Sequence Number

Panther Pink Super Bee Superbee

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Jason's car before restoration.
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