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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Plymouth Duster

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This car is for sale.

Seller's Description:

This is an original FM3 Panther Pink/Moulin Rouge 1970 Plymouth Duster. Basic original options include; pink paint, gold stripes, black vinyl roof, black bench seat interior, coumn shift 318 automatic, AM radio, and not much else. This car was originally equipped with the (rare for 1970) Gold Duster package which included special side stripes which were color optional; black, white or gold. This one was ordered with the gold stripes. I have been to most of the larger Mopar shows over the years and am well connected in the hobby, to date I have never seen another like this one. It's the only FM3 Pink 1970 Gold Duster with gold stripes I or any of my friends have ever seen! This is a very rare car with these options.

Drive Train
The 318 engine and 904 automatic trans were missing when I purchased the car so itís being sold as a roller, the next owner can decide on whether or not to replace the 318 or add something more exciting under the hood. The original rear end was an 8.75 3.23 gear open unit; it was replaced before I bought it with an open 7.25 unit.

As bad as it looks in these pictures (thanks to the El' Cheepo black paint job that's flaking off) itís actually a very solid car. Itís a dry Western car which has spent most of its life in Oregon (no salted roads). The front floor pan foot well areas will require some patches, they are rusted pretty good from a wet carpet set sitting on them, the rears are just thin in places and might be savable, otherwise the floor pan is super solid. The underside of the car other than the areas already mentioned is dry and clean, it's a non undercoated car, pretty much just clean dry metal with original paint and primer under a thin coat of road film when you look under the car. The engine bay, trunk, and quarters are very solid, only surface rust and a couple small areas of rust bubbles just starting on the lowest portions of the quarters for a few inches behind the wheel wells, only noticable on the passenger side. These are isolated areas from a bit of trapped water and leaves in the tightest recessed areas. Thankfully the vinyl roof was removed years ago before any real rust issues could ruin the roof, some isolated pitting, a few pin holes in the quarter to roof seams, but otherwise just surface haze rust where there was never much paint or primer under the vinyl. The front fenders and hood were replaced many years ago. When I purchased the car two years ago I had the car checked out by a professional uni-body frame shop, they put it on the frame machine and checked everything, the frame is straight and has no rust issues. This car is a VERY rare and solid basis for a fun and unique restoration project.

The interior is complete with seats, (bench removed to show floor pan) dash, steering column, etc. but its pretty much toast, it should be considered ďcoreĒ material in need of restoration. The previous owners did a good job of taking everything apart and leaving it in a pile on the floor (gee thanks!). Thankfully Dusters with bench seat interiors are common and cheap so its poor condition shouldnít be a major detraction.

Included in this auction but not shown are the front bench seat, front valance, Front bumper, latch tray, and a nice grille and head lamp bezels. I also have an NOS 1970 Gold Duster Stripe set that goes with it including both side stripes and the rear transverse stripe, itís all 100% complete and mint in the original boxes. I also have some other used and NOS Duster parts available separately, please inquire with any needs.

This car has it's original fender tag, and both of its matching body stamping numbers (radiator support and rear package tray). As mentioned, there is no engine or transmission . Car comes with a clean Oregon title with matching VIN etc.

If you have any further questions about the car please feel free to ask. I will be 100% open and honest, nothing to hide at all. I will not reveal my reserve before the auction endsso please hold back on those types of questions, I won't reply to them.

Any Questions Call Me Direct:

Scott Smith 509-922-9115

Y05 EN2
V1X A94 M21 R11 V6Y V8Y
FM3 D2X9 TX9 616 195327
E44 D31 VL29 G0B 399962

EN2 - End of Codes
Y05 - Build for United States
V8Y - Gold Tail Strips
V6Y - Gold Side Stripes
R11 - Music Master AM Radio
M21 - Drip Trough Moldings
A94 - Gold Duster Special Package
V1X - Black Full Vinyl Top
FM3 - Moulin Rouge Lower Body Paint
D2X9 - Black Vinyl Bench Seat Interior
TX9 - Black Upper Door Frame Paint
616 - Scheduled Production Date - Tuesday June 16, 1970
195327 - Order Number
E44 - 318 2-Barrel Engine
D31 - 904 Automatic Transmission
VL29 - Valiant Duster 2-Door Sports Coupe
G - 318 2-Barrel Engine
0 - 1970 Model Year
B - Assembly Plant - Hamtramck, Michigan
399962 - Sequence Number


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