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1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

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From Ebay: Item Number 4571718624

10-day listing, Ends Sep-05-05 17:42:12 PDT

Seller's Description

R11 V6H Y07 26 EN1
J45 J54 J82 M21 N44 N94
V1X A53 B51 C16 C55 G34
FM3 H6XW 000 410 C78425
E55 D32 JH23 J0B 303806

Up for auction, my 1970 Challenger T/A that I have owned for the past 7 years.

I did not wreck this car! Car was purchased in smashed condition (see photos of it still together the day it was brought home, October 24, 1998). Prior, the car was a clean restore - some details of the "restoration" were incorrect - notice the SixPack decals were installed vice-versa and the blackout paint that should've been on the cowl area was omitted.

This car was sold on consignment from CT, out of Conte's Corvettes in Vineland, NJ to the people who had the accident with it. It was in the T/A registry, and I had it switched to my name after I bought it.

This car comes with most everything shown from the days it was still together after the accident - MINUS the passenger side door, passenger side fender, windshield, carpet, and air cleaner.

Also included is half a Challenger that is already cut and ready to be a donor to this T/A. As you can tell, work was begun on prepping this car to be welded back together. The firewall has been straightened out and the front framerail removed. The parts car half-a-Challenger is still pretty much a Challenger cut long-ways. I forgot to take a pic of it - I'll try to add it later. If I can't, just ask me to email you one.

Let me think of some things....

Driver's floor pan has some rust holes

Rest of pans (including trunk) SOLID

Black and white interior, Black vinyl top

Trunk lid with spoiler included and perfect

3:91 geared car

Motor NOT numbers matching. Has absolutely NO VIN on it - I assume warranty block, but I have no proof or paperwork.

Transmission and rear numbers matching

Mint condition buildsheet

Two fender tags present

Hood amazingly survived impact

Grille was cracked in accident

Air cleaner NOT INCLUDED. I was robbed a few years ago and the intruders stole it right off the top of the carbs.

Entire interior included (except carpet) - white buckets and rear seat, dash, ralleye cluster, console, slap stick, steering column and wheel, etc. See picture of interior when it was still together.

I know I'm going to get a lot of emails on this one. I will add all additional information as it comes to my attention.

Thanks for your interest (and patience for all those who were waiting for me to list this) and good luck with the bidding!

On Aug-27-05 at 15:44:29 PDT, seller added the following information:

I wanted to add the the block is a T/A block - even though it is not numbers matching and there is no VIN stamped on it.

I am not giving out my phone number. I have no problem with writing long, detailed emails - plus, there will always be a permanent record of an email. I do not wish to spend countless hours on the phone discussing this car with people who are just curious, or don't have the funds to actually purchase. I realize this is not fair for the people out there who truely are serious buyers; however, I ask that you please fell confident via email and send any and all questions that you may have. Thank You.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... JH23J0B303806

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