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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

This car is owned by Dennis Oliveira in Brazil

In Brazil there are only two known 1970 Dodge Challengers. One is a white base model 318 and the other is this Panther Pink R/T.

He bought this car in 2003 and the car is very original. Engine, transmission and all body numbers match. The car's color was changed at some point to a dark purple color but is now being restored to its original configuration. The engine is ready to go as well as the transmission.

This was originally a public relations car. The history of the car is not entirely known but the dealer explained that the car was imported to Brazil to the U.S. Diplomatic Consul. The car was supposedly owned by a famous U.S. citizen. These facts are unconfirmed.

If anyone has any knowledge of this car, please contact me and I will pass it along to the owner.

The car is equipped with the following:

Y05 - Build to USA Specs
Y28 - Company Car/Public Relations
E63 - 383 cid 4 barrel V8 H.P. 335hp
D32 - Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
D53 - 3.23:1 Rear Axle Ratio
T87- F70-14 Raised White Letter
H6XW - All white Interior, Carpet Black and Jewel Black Dash Pad
000 - Upper Door Frame - Full door panel
V01 - Mono Tone Paint Treatment
FM3 - High Impact Color - Panther Pink - Only
V1W - White Full Vinil Top
V6W - White Side Stripe
A01 - Light Package
A62 - Rallye Instrument Cluster Package
A63 - Challenger Moulding Group
B41 - Front Disc Brakes w/Standard 10" RR Drum
B51 - Power Brakes
C16 - Console w/Woodgrain Panel
C55 - Bucket Seats
C93 - Carpet
F11 - 50 Amp Alternator
F23 - Battery 59 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Yellow Caps)
F96 - Oil Pressure Gauge
G11 - Tinted Glass (all)
G36 - OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G41 - Day/Night Inside Rear-View Mirror
H51 - Air Conditioning
H31 - Rear Window Defogger
J11 - Glove Box Lock
J15 - Cigar Lighter
J21 - Electric Clock
J25 - 3 Speed Wipers
J31 - Dual Horns
J41 - Pedal Dress Up
J45 - Hood Tie Down Pins
J46 - Locking Gas cap
J55 - Undercoating with Hood Pad
J54 - Sport Hood
J64 - Instrument Panel Woodgrain
L05 - Map Light
L11 - Glove Box Light
L25 - Trunk Lamp
L65 - Ignition Switch Lamp /with time delay
L72 - Headlamp On Buzzer
L74 - HeadLamp Switch Lite with time delay
L76 - Heater Controls Lamp
M05 - Door edge moldings
M21 - Roof drip rail moldings
M25 - Wide sill moldings
M26 - Wheel Lip Moldings
M31 - Belt Moldings
M85 - Front & Rear Bumper Guards
M91 - Luggage Rack
N41 - Dual Exhaust
N42 - Chrome Exhaust Tips
N85 - Tachometer
P31 - Power Windows
R35 - AM/FM Stereo Radio (10 Watts)
R31 - Rear Seat Speaker(s)
S13 - Suspension H.D. with Sway Bar
S31 - Front Sway Bar
S77 - Power Steering
S83 - Rim Blow Woodgrained Steering Wheel (Rim Blow)
W15 - Wire Wheel Covers

panther pink challenger

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