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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

This car is owned by Ken Bowser. It is a 383 automatic with the V6M magenta stripe only available on Panther Pink R/Ts.

The following is a chronological history of Ken's car:
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1970: In April 1970 my car was delivered to Chinook Chrysler in Calgary, Alberta Canada. While still on the truck, the car was seen by Rudy Schultz of Prince George, British Columbia. He loved how the car looked so much that he bought it. I have not been able to contact Mr. Schultz so I don't have much info other than that he used the car to tow his boat (which is why there are 2 holes in the rear bumper, and why the rear valance is not original), and that he lost his original gas cap (which is why the car has a chrome replacement cap). Interestingly, Chinook Chrysler sold at least two FM3/V6M Challengers. The other is an R/T SE, which is currently owned by Ken Katarynchuk.
1978: The car is sold to Sheldon Orser of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Sheldon wasted little time in changing things on the car. In fact the second day he owned it he swapped in the 440 out of his 1971 Challenger so he could go street racing. He kept the original 383 engine callouts on the car to hide what he was packing under the hood. Sheldon later sold his '71 along with the original 1970 383 engine. Over time he added a Six Pak setup to the car and a '67 Dana 60 with 4.56 gears to further his street racing success. In fact it got to the point where it was hard to find people to race against. Around this time he damaged the original transmission. He found a 1973 'Cuda with a 426 Hemi out of a '66 B-Body in it and swapped the engine and transmission into the Challenger. He also finally changed the callouts to show that the car now had a Hemi. That's why there are two extra holes in the hood.

At this time, the car received its first paint job and the chrome dress-up items still seen on the car. Since Performance Hood decals weren't available, they painted on the hood blackout. Sheldon did not care for the quality of the work done, but for the time being he left it as it was. All this was done in just 2 short years. By 1985 Sheldon had added a shaker hood, and gave the Challenger its second paint job. He now took the car to car shows instead of street racing it. In 1995 Sheldon ran into the man who had bought his 1971 Challenger many years before. Sheldon knew that the car was history, but to his surprise the man still had the 383 engine. Sheldon bought it from him and set about putting his car back to the way it came originally. He swapped the engine in as well as the rear end, hood, and other parts. The car still has the '66 Hemi B-Body transmission though.

1997: The car is sold to Maria Custer of Spokane, Washington. I have not been able to contact Ms. Custer so I don't know what she did with the car.
2002: The car is purchased by Gentle Touch Motor Cars of Spokane, Washington. They own the car for a very short time, making no significant changes.
2003: The car is purchased by the Mount Dora Museum of Speed in Mount Dora, Florida. They replace the original windshield after a rock damages it. They also remove the original sill moldings, as they are ready for restoration. They own the car for 3 months.
2003: In April I purchase the car and am lucky enough to bump into Sheldon online at and he provides me with most of the information above, as well as some historical photos. Since I purchased the car I have had to do some repairs to it and I also put the original color stripes back on it. At some point in the future I will probably need to give the car its first restoration. Yes, this car is unrestored, but as you have read above it's not original.
2009: Full restoration begins.
2011: Full restoration complete.
Panther Pink Challenger

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