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Panther Pink, one of the wildest colors to ever come out of an American automobile company.

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Paint Information

I'm using this page to gather information about the paint itself. I get many questions about how to get the correct color as painters seem to get it wrong regularly. From what I've heard the most common problem is that the paint comes out too light. From my own experience from looking at paint and chips is that the color looks too dark in a small sample or in a can. I've compared every paint chip I have to the original paint on my car and they are perfect matches. If in doubt when painting a car, have the painter do a larger sample board and then view it in different light. Panther Pink shifts color from pink to magenta to purple depending on lighting. When done right, the color is spectacular.

Moparts Thread about FM3 paint suppliers:

anyone ever use fm3 in sherwin-williams ? mixed some fm3 pink paint in sherwin-williams. the color looks too dark.anyone use sherwin-williams in this color? if so,do you think it's close enough.

Sherwin Williams/Martin Senour is one of the few paint companies that have a correct formula for FM3. The paint looks much lighter after it is sprayed. I wondered the same thing the first time I saw it in the can.

Do you have anything to match it up to? I have seen the SW an Dupont an I to thought it was on the dark side/an red but never have seen it matched up to anything. I have seen Sikkens an ICI an they both seemed alot lighter an not as red.

I used to have a panther pink '70 RoadRunner painted with Martin Senour. It was the correct shade. I saw my old car at the Mopar Nationals the past 2 years. The paint still matches most of the other pink cars in the show.

We did a Challenger in Sherwin Williams FM3 back in 93 the color matched an original FM3 duster in town very's a pic. unfortunately the photo looks washed out

That car looks good! does that color seem to flip flop around under different lighting? like more purple looking under a street light an more brighter an cleaner looking in the sunlight?

Mine looked purple in the shade and hot pink in the bright sunlight.

I had an original FM3 Challenger and it was painted twice with Sherwin Williams and it was perfect when compared to the untouched protected from sun areas. It is a great colour and does look purple under street lights.

I've painted all the sherwin williams/senour, high impact colors,,it is the only paint that I use for anything,,their formula's are very good, but your mixer needs to know his stuff too !,I just sprayed R4 red the other day,on a 98 truck and it blended perfectly,even their metallics blend well,if that tells ya' anything.

That sums it up perfectly! I used PPG since a guy I knew had an original FM3 Challenger that he repainted, and the PPG was a perfect match to the original (yes he matched it to an unfaded part). Sounds like the SW is also correct. Mine is still in the garage, people are really surprised when I switch on a halogen light and shine it - the colour changes from purple to bright pink!! It's a strange paint for a non-metallic!

I have Runcharger's old car and the paint has held up extremely well over the last 20 years. It is the correct color in my opinion, but then I guess I would say that.

The color changes from hot pink to a purplish color at twilight as others have mentioned. It is a very complex color.

Stay away from the Sikkens stuff as it is too purple and too dark.

FM3 Paint Formula Codes
   Acrylic Lacquer
   Synthetic Enamel
   Acrylic Enamel
AQ 524A
Ditzler (PPG) 2260
DuPont 5129
Rinshed Mason A-2340
   Acrylic Lacquer
   Acrylic Enamel
L10 R 3123-X
F10 R 3123-E
Martin Senour   
   Acrylic Lacquer
   Synthol Enamel
   Acrylic Enamel
   Acrylic Lacquer
   Acrylic Enamel

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